Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wilkinson Sword Ad Spoof On Desperate Housewives - Tidying Up Downstairs

Wilkinson Sword reminds ladies to turn their attention to ‘tidying up downstairs’ ahead of the summer holidays...!
Meet Deirdre and Ginny…the stars of a kooky new video from Wilkinson Sword. It launches today to remind young ladies to turn their attention to their bikini areas and ‘tidy up downstairs’ ahead of the summer holidays.

The film is being released to celebrate the success of Quattro for Women Bikini from Wilkinson Sword, which launched last year and became the UK’s best selling female razor in 2009. This world-first 2-in-1beauty innovation - that both trims and shaves your bikini area - is of course the perfect tool for ‘tidying up downstairs’, with a waterproof trimmer at one end and a high tech, four-blade razor at the other. And now it’s available in a NEW orchid variant which comes with a FREE and stylish travel case so that you can easily transport it with you wherever you go.
This is the first in a series of three ‘neighbourhood’ videos so enjoy, and watch this space for the sequels over the next few weeks!

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