Friday, 16 April 2010

The Socializer - Bright Lights/Late Nights - A Party Girl's Must Have!

Now here's a solution all us party girls will love, how to get rid of those tell tale signs of a late night & wake up looking refreshed with some added sparkle to our eyes in the morning!!
So the answer to our prayers? Two products that come together in a handy tube from Elizabeth Grant skin care called "The Socializer - Bright Lights & Late Nights", fabulous little handy eye pens & with 1-2 clicks you can wipe away dark circles & be fresh as a daisy just like that!
The 'Late Nights' is applied when you head off to bed (making it look like it never happened!) & with a unique algae (sounds lovely..!) 'Ulva Lactuca' it helps improve the skin's elasticity, the product also helps improve the appearance of wrinkles & with chamomile soothes & calms the skin.
Bright Lights, perfect for the AM, so you can head straight from the dance floor to office, this tube is all about hydrating, cooling, soothing & de-puffing, not forgetting erasing those dark circles & illuminating the skin!
Both products are fabulous & not just a great idea, they really work, 'Late Nights' is a great product for using at night to keep the under eye area wrinkle free & 'Bright Lights' is fantastic for brightening the eyes, so no need for all that concealer!

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