Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bannish Spots For A Flawless Complexion!

The dreaded spot, we all get them regardless of our age & now in my thirties I thought I could finally escape but of course not...!! Unfortunately for us woman our hormones can control a lot of our outbreaks but there many ways to counteract them, especially when you have an important event coming up, which always seems to be their favourite time to make an appearance!!!!
The best treatment is preventative & of course this comes down to what you put in your body, junk food, chocolate & alcohol etc as we all know isn't going to do any good for our complexion & flushing your system with 2 litres of water a day will clear the complexion better than any face wash I can assure you!! As well as this drinking white tea is a great way to free your body of unwanted toxins that can result in blemishes, as well as plenty of fruit & veg & if you can't manage your 5 a day make sure you take a vitamin supplement to keep your skin healthy, a lack of vitamins in your diet will show up with a dull complexion as well as outbreaks.
Of course emergency spot creams are always required & after searching through many polls the winner by far appears to be Freederm, just a little applied to the blemish it is gone within a couple of days keeping the skin clear. One I use in emergencies is Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Cream, I find this never lets me down & any spots that appear during the week are always gone by the weekend!!!!

I also came across some excellent tried & tested home remedies, worth checking out!!!! -

1. The good old toothpaste trick, some say this does not work although it can assist with drying the spot out a little especially if it is weeping & you have nothing else!
2. Aspirin - Dissolve in a little water so it makes a paste & dab over the spot , it can act as a anti-inflammatory & will reduce the spot & smooth the skin.
3. Apply a little TCP with cotton wool which can help dry it out or some antiseptic cream such as savlon to help clear the area of bacteria.
4. Try a honey and lemonade home-made facial mask, the lemonade has acid to heal skin and honey to sooth.
5. Lemon Juice, again the acid in the lemon will help heal & dry out the spot, apply with a cotton bud.

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