Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chocolate Valentines Beauty!

Here's some fantastic valentine Gift ideas for this weekend, delicious & low calories too!!!!!!

Chocolate has always been a main ingredient in the recipe for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day single or with that special someone, nuNAAT has the fix for everyone’s chocolate craving!

Restore hair’s natural velvety shine and splendor with nuATT’s Chocolat Special. Uniquely formulated with Cocoa Butter and Brazil Nut oils, Chocolat Special revitalizes and restores moisture to hair damaged by the sun, hair dye or other chemical treatments. And with its alluring chocolat fragrance, Chocolat Special is a treat for those who believe in self-indulgence.

Chocolat Creamy Shampoo: Specially formulated with Cocoa Butter and Brazil Nut oils, Chocolat Creamy Shampoo gently cleanses while moisturizing and protecting the hair shaft from further damage caused by sunlight and chemical treatments. Awaken your senses to the irresistible chocolat fragrance of Chocolat Creamy Shampoo.

Chocolat Shake Conditioner: The Cocoa Butter and Brazil Nut ingredients work together to penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft, restoring moisture and a velvety silkiness to your hair. This tempting conditioner is ideal for hair that has been damaged by the sun or chemical treatments, and its inspiring chocolat aroma will satisfy your desire for self-indulgence.

Chocolat Cream Mask: For a deep penetrating action with lasting results, Chocolat Cream Mask is the ultimate chocolat experience. Formulated with Cocoa Butter and Brazil Nut oils, Chocolat Cream Mask provides a deep and restorative conditioning to hair that may have been damaged by the sun or chemical treatments. For best results, use weekly by massaging a generous portion into your hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse.

Chocolat Anti-Frizz Therma Active: Formulated to reduce frizz, the Chocolat Special Anti-Frizz is activated upon styling with a blow dryer, or straightening iron. Just apply evenly on wet hair and begin styling. Maximize your style with Chocolat Anti-frizz Therma Active.

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