Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gorgeous Festive Glamour - False Eye Lashes

Get some gorgeous glamour on on full show this festive season, false lashes are the best beauty weapon when looking hot to trot & area red carpet favourite!!! There are a number of options to go for & I've noted down some of the best products to opt for when trying them out as well as the best application tips. For an instant glamour fix that is easy to do yourself, strip lashes work the best, they will normally come with an adhesive specifically for that purpose, it's a latex based product & looks white but once they're dry it'll become invisible.

To keep it looking realistic take the lash without glue & place on your lash line first, then take them off & at the side of the lash that is to be placed nearer the inner corner of your eye, take a pair of scissors (nail scissors are best for this) & cut in a slight diagonal from the inner corner to the middle of the lash strip, this will give a more definition to the outer corner of the eye which is the best option to go for as a full strip can tend be too heavy (we don't want to go for the drag-queen look this season!) Then run the edge of the strip along the glue & fix as close to your natural lash line as possible, once dry apply some of your favorite mascara to finish the look, this will help to disguise where your own lashes meet the false ones & give fantastic definition to the eye, for best results apply them before you apply liner to your top lash line.

The best strip lashes I have worked with are from Mac (£7.50), they have a really extensive range to choose from, they also do a half lash which saves any DIY cutting for your self, also they come in a great box so you can save them for another day.

To keep them in good condition clean off any glue by taking a cotton bud with an oil based eye make-up remover & clean off any glue.
To give an even more natural finish which is perfect for a Wedding Day look opt for individual lashes, a little more trickier to apply but they give a beautiful soft finish. I normally apply up to 6 lashes going from the outer corner to almost half way over to the middle. Each individual lash will have about 3 small lashes on them so no more than 6 is normally required. Best to get a pair of tweezers for this as it can be pretty intricate work, start at the outer corner, place the 'bulb' of the individual lash in the glue & place right on the lash line & continue until you have the desired effect. After the glue is dry again apply the mascara to finish off the look. If you would rather leave this to the professionals then most Salons will do this for around £5-£10.
For Individual Lashes there a number of Products, but Eylure (Around £5) are great & can even last up to 6 weeks - just be careful when removing your eye make-up! Also in most cases it's best to opt for a medium length as that will normally give the depth you will need.

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