Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sewing Roots Ethical Fashion Show at Che Camille Glasgow

EyeCandy had the the pleasure last Friday evening of taking part in the 'Sewing Roots' Ethical Fashion Show in Glasgow at Che Camille, organised by Kirstie Maclean the show included ethical labels which were accessorised with her 'Mzuribeads'.
'Mzuribeads' is a business focusing on exporting Ugandan handmade paper bead jewellery and loose beads throughout the world. Established by Kirstie Maclean, who met the women while volunteering in a school in Kampala in 2006, the idea then began taking shape to encourage these women to use this craft as a way of bringing in an income. The beads are from recycled paper to create colourful necklaces, earings & bracelets with ranges designed to suite western fashion trends the business supports ethical trading & increasing trade links to support the communitys' ability to create & sustain their own incomes.
The show itself was focused on a tribal theme and with tribal drumming & green vines the catwalk was a blaze with African vibes!! For make-up we took direction from Kirstie, making colourful tribal stripes, spots & twists matched with bright gold to blue, yellow & green eye shadows, then taking it up a notch at the end of the show with lashings of war paint to bring the spirit of the show alive before the girl's 'roared' down the catwalk one last time!!!!
The designers included in the show were Mia Nisbet, Bibico, Goodone & Johari, all available at Che Camille until mid December.
Check out Mzuribead's website as well as Che Camille's boutique who are also stockists for the beads themselves.
See below for more pics from backstage to all the catwalk action -

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