Saturday, 14 November 2009

Perfect Brows With Tweezerman!

Definitely coming up top of the class for hair removal are Tweezerman - Wide Grip Slant Tweezers (£16.50 from Boots), scoring 5/5 in a recent poll, they have excellent grip, are accurate & simple to use, they remove hair right from the root even removing downy hair as well. The thumb shaped grip means that removing hairs first time is easy as you can control the movement & angle perfectly. Also a large proportion of people said that it took less than half the time to remove unwanted hair using tweezerman than with other brands, plus (as if we needed another reason to use them!) you can send them back at any time to be re-sharpened free of charge!
Here's some tips for plucking your brows, firstly how to alleviate the pain (!!), then on the best techniques for shaping the perfect frame to your eyes.

Tips for easy Plucking!
If you are sensitive to Plucking, numb the area first with ice or use a toothache numbing gel.
Open the pores by taking a warm cloth over your brow or simply pluck after your shower or bath.
To reduce any stress to the skin hold it taut & pluck in the direction of growth.
Close the pore afterwards by using a cooling soothing lotion, such as tea tree, this will also help prevent any inflamed hair follicles.

Shaping your Eyebrows
Begin by cleaning up the area & removing any stray hairs.
The best way to start is to shape your brows from underneath rather than above to begin creating a natural arch.
Pluck the brow from underneath & define the arch which should reach it's highest point directly above your iris.
To ensure your eyebrows are the correct length for your face shape, hold a pen vertically against your nose, where it meets your eyebrow is where the brow should begin.
Finally with the pen still held against your nose, tilt it diagonally so it rests against the far corner of the eye, this is the where the eyebrow should end.

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