Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Girl's New Best Friend - Blotting Papers!

Keeping shine free is many a girl's daily issue, nobody wants a complexion that looks as though you have just walked out of a sauna, but over powdering can leave a 'cakey' finish by the end of the day that is far from attractive itself!! So blotting sheets came to the rescue, a fairly new concept that are starting to really catch on, becoming a hand bag favourite these days! They basically work by absorbing excess oil on the surface of your skin/make-up so it reduces the amount of powder you need to apply. Topping a recent magazine poll is The Body Shop's 'Natural Powder Blotting Tissues', they are very absorbent & do their job without smudging your make-up, plus as you only need to use one at a time they last really well making them great value for money! £3.90 for 65 Sheets.

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