Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Getting Your Mascara Perfect Every Time!

Eyelashes are very important to the finishing look to your make-up, in fact for many of us this is the essential make-up item we would not be caught without! Having your mascara applied perfectly can really lift your eye make-up instantly & create a striking finish.. Here are few tips to avoiding that spider leg look!

Firstly it is essential to replace mascara every three months, once your wand stops making a 'popping' noise when you take it out the tube you know it's time to bin it. Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria, this is what makes it starts to become a bit dry & the longer you keep using the mascara the more likely you are to have an eye infection as well as 'clumpy' looking lashes!

Don't 'pump' the wand in and out of the tube this will only allow air in which causes your mascara to dry out. Always remove excess mascara from the wand with a tissue, this will give you an even application.

Use a lash primer or lash conditioner (a lot of mascaras now come with these), it will coat the lashes and separate to help lengthen and give volume, also it moisturises and helps mascara last longer. Use an eyelash curler after your primer, it will help set the curl before the mascara is applied & the better the curl to the lashes the longer they look.

To apply your mascara, start at the base of the roots, wiggle the wand and then extend along the lashes and up to the tips. If you have very fair lashes & your mascara can't quite cover the roots (especially if you're opting for a black mascara) then take a little liquid eyeliner & with a liner brush 'paint' the base of the roots to give an even finish.

Old mascara brushes are great to help separate eyelashes before and after your mascara has been applied, wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water before using though.

A great tip for removing any little clumps of mascara at the tips of the lashes is to take a slightly damp cotton bud & run it along the ends, it will pick up all the excess mascara leaving them perfect!

Apply your mascara after all eyeshadow and other powders have been applied, even your blusher & face powder, it can get into the lashes & take away the effect of the mascara.

Keep all these tips in mind & you'll have a perfect lashes every time!!!

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