Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Slendertone Face - Interact With Your Facial Muscles for Younger Looking Skin!

Anti-Ageing is one of the world's most lucrative markets with us girlies determined to keep the tell tale signs at bay, face creams, face masks, serums, to the many cosmetic treatments available all play their part in helping us look & feel our best but what about what goes on underneath the surface, where it all begins to go down south...!!!?? Our muscle tone is what in my opinion can really start to show your age & no face cream can fix that!
Slendertone are a well known brand making it easier to achieve a toned slim stomach with the aid of electro-muscle stimulators, so now they have launched 'Slendertone Face'. Just as your body, your face is built on a foundation of muscles, in order to keep your body in shape you exercises so it should be the same with your face, doing this will build a stronger foundation for your skin & will reduce any sagging, keeping a youthful firm toned shape. Slendertone Face works by gently stimulating the facial muscles to firm, tone & lift using electro-muscle stimulation which will mimic the body's natural muscle movement by sending signals to the nerves which control them. Check out the new Interactive Facial Site where you can find out more info on the product as well as the structure of your face & how to exercises your muscles.

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