Saturday, 5 September 2009

Lulu's Time Bomb

Lulu launched her Skincare Range in 2007 for the face & body, 'Lulu's Time Bomb' & ' Lulu's Bombshell Body' which has been ahuge success & is also a top seller on QVC. After 45 years in the music business she still has a youthful energy that keeps her looking as fresh & young as ever, in fact many say she looks better & better year by year! So what's her secret, well it's all due to her healthy lifestyle and lifelong dedication to discovering the best skincare products. So with her own skincare range 'Lulu's Time Bomb' she now shares her knowledge with women of all ages who have concerns about ageing skin. Here's what Lulu has to say in her own words on the range -
"In my business it's essential to look as good as you possibly can and as young as you I've tried to take the best possible care of my skin.
I've always been a product 'junkie' trying the newest products from all over the world? Anything and everything that promises youthful skin.
About 15 years ago, I started working with chemists to put together my own personal skincare range based on the very best products I found, combined with the best professional dermatological treatments." Lulu

The Time Bomb range is described as the secret weapon in the war against ageing & the formulas are designed to combat the first tell tale signs of our years - sagging, thinning, wrinkling & dulling of the skin (words a girl never even wants to utter!!). First up is Lulu's Time Bomb Troubleshooter Neck & Bust Cream (£32.30), this is an area that always gives away our secret but with this product, which is the perfect camouflage for ageing, you can disguise every year as it is designed to soothe and hydrate your skin for an instant firming effect & will also help to improve the appearance of discolouration, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Next is 'Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream' (£12), a gentle cleanser that is moisturising which also gently stimulates removing dead skin, use with 'Take-Off Time Polishing Pads' (£4.89) for intensive exfoliation. 'Glory Days Day Cream'(£24.47) will add moisture for dewy, plump, firmer & more youthful skin, while the 'Flashback Night Cream'(£19.57) nourishes, plumps & hydrates the skin as you sleep. 'Youth Juice Secret Oil' (£29.36) helps to replace the skins natural sebum which decreases as we age, as well as this there is 'Smart Eye Balm' (£19.57) which reduces puffiness plus firms & strengthens the skin around the eye area. In addition to these are 'Eye R&R Eye Make-Up Remover' (£17.62) as well as 'Eye Make-Up Remover Pads' (£3.82) which gently remove eye make-up whilst protecting the sensitive eye area & infusing it with emollients & natural oils. Also to turn back the clock is 'Blast From the Past Dermabrasion' (£29.36) which leaves the skin extra smooth & defined, finally to combat the ageing process 'Face to Face Citrus Revitalising Mask' (£12.72), a unique cloth mask that saturates the skin with moisture as well as plumping & stimulating the areas that need it most, firming & toning the skin to prevent sagging as well as wrinkles.

The Bombshell Body range is designed so that women of any age can make the most of their bodies, the 'Revealing Body Cleanser' (£14.68) buffs the skin with exfoliating beads to reveal fresher younger healthier skin. The 'Super Sexy Oil' (£19.57), does just that & smooths the skin's surface with avocado, jojoba & rosehip leaving it silky & irresistible! As if that wasn't enough 'Show Off Body Lotion' (£17.62) which is enriched with white truffle will give the skin a luminous glow!! While 'Hand to Hand Combat & Sole Surviver Foot Cream' (£13.21 each) keep your hands/feet hydrated & perfect so they'll be no revealing your true age!!!!
All products from the range are available only at www.lulusplace or at QVC.

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