Friday, 4 September 2009

Intelligent Make Up!! - Myface Cosmetics

Myface Cosmetics has a revolutionary approach to their line where everything is arranged in a simple straight forward order to suit each skin tone, so whether you're Fair, Medium or Medium Dark you can find the perfect colours to suit your skin tone whether it be your foundation, your lips or cheeks, this is the fool proof way to getting it right every time! Just simply look through the category you fall under & choose the tones you like, you can be guaranteed they'll suit, so no more wasting cash on products that don't look right once you try them on at home!
Also available in the range is the 'Eyetouch' collection including mascara, eye pencils as well as eye shadow trios, there are nine trios of three complementing colours to enhance all eyes, five of the trios include blingtones, which are like sparkling gems for the eyes!

I tried out two "Purple Haze' & Midnight Hour', both are excellent, the purple being my personal favourite, the colours blend beautifully together & the soft purple shimmer shade sits perfectly on the lids adding a little extra zing to the over all look! All shades within each palate are perfect for using in one complimenting look together & can create an intense smokey effect for night as well as a soft wash of colour suitable for day time as well (£9.78 Each).

The Myface range was created in collaboration with one of the world's leading make-up artists, Charlotte Tilbury, who has earned iconic status within the industry, working with top designers throughout the world to create cutting edge looks for their fashion shows as well as their ad campaigns to the front cover of Vogue as well. She has an impressive list of celebrity clientele who all depend on her to give them their red carpet glamour including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Gywneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker & Gwen Stefani to name just a few!!! Charlotte has used the same approach to make up that Myface applies to their collections, so you can be sure when choosing your colours within the range that you have the seal of approval from the world's leading make-up artist! Available online at or in all large Boots Stores Nationwide.

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