Tuesday, 15 September 2009

EyeCandy Loves!!! - The Villainess Collection

I just love love love these fabulous products that landed on my desk last week, the Villainess range of products are exclusively retailed through Posh Brats & were discovered by it's founder Britany De Staedtler when she started to use the line due to her sensitive skin. Using a combination of blended natural products the Villainess range focuses on the bath & body market but use only ethically & cruelty free manufactured products within each & every one, so you can now have luxury without those nasty chemicals!
Their top selling products include the 'Whipped' moisturiser that is a thick yet light cream which smells good enough to eat, it moisturises the skin without any greasy residue & is perfect for all skin types but a god send to any dry sensitive skin sufferers! The one I have been testing out is 'Smashing' which is scented with sweet pumpkin pie & a combination of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves, the smell is delicious so much so I have never had such soft & supple sweet smelling skin as I can't resist reapplying it all day long!!!! Next is the 'Smooch' body scrub, another best seller, it is both water-activated and preservative free, again the scent is irresistible & it leaves your skin feeling fresh & smooth as well as smelling delicious! Their original handmade soap bars are an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils and exotic unrefined butters with luxury additional ingredients such as Chocolate, Tussah Noil Silk, Honey, Cucumber, Volcanic Clay as well as a wealth of organic goodies!
Available from www.poshbrats.com online as well as their shop in Cheshire, the soap bars are retailed at £4 each & the Whipped & Smooch products are £7 each.

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