Friday, 25 September 2009

Brand New - Cloud Nine Styling Irons!

Well we all thought we could never live with out our ghd's but now there's a new rival in the market that is set to be a best seller, the new hair styling iron brand Cloud Nine, which has just launched.

Developed by the original founders and manufacturers behind ghd, Cloud Nine is a totally new and separate brand that combines state of the art technology with temperature control, allowing you to create loose waves, soft curls, poker straight for those that still wish and even smooth a blow dry without losing volume.
Now that you can select a temperature that suits your individual hair type and without the searing heat of competitor irons, damage is reduced and the ceramic plates are also coated with a 'magic' ingredient that leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy, what more could a girl possibly ask for!!!
Also James Brown used Cloud Nines at London Fashion Week just last Saturday and was very impressed, and they're making their mark in the professional hair trade already.
Imagine… a hair styling iron that allows you to achieve breathtaking results - without constant, searing heat!!!!
From natural and smooth, to experimental and bold, you can now get the hair you want, everyday, no matter what its type, your challenges or your hair-aspirations.
With its low, medium and high heat options, six in total, and a perfectly constructed, rounded barrel, Cloud Nine is one tool that enables you to achieve a whole range of finishes. You can create natural curls and waves, or even simply smooth a blow dry, as well as crank up the heat when you do need to achieve something more structured or adventurous.
The varied heat settings also mean you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. Finer hair may not require white-hot temperatures to smooth out a kink, while thicker hair can benefit from a variety of heat settings as you style layer-by-layer.
Poker straight hair delivered through searing heat, and the same look day-in, day-out, is over.

With Cloud Nine, you can, at last, go a bit easier on your hair, while discovering a whole world of flexibility. Curly, wavy, straight or voluminous - you choose.
Look closely at the iron’s black ceramic plates, and you will see they contain an element of pearl sparkle. This patented technological element actually adds extra shine to your hair.
The iron also features a hibernation mode. So if you don’t pick up your irons for ten minutes, it automatically switches off, and will only re-heat when you switch it on again.

Cloud Nine is set to take you and your hair to new heights from October ’09. The professional styling brand is now available from the finest salons nationwide, priced at £129.99. Cloud Nine is also available to buy at from the end of October.

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