Thursday, 20 August 2009

Super Anti-Ageing Cleanser - Power Berry Facial Wash

Super foods have been taking over lately & with all the great advice on how they can improve our health by bunging loads of them into our yogurt at breakfast or by drinking power smoothies, it was only matter of time before we were applying directly on to our faces! Hailed as revolutionary for the skin, the potent oils that are contained within some of these super berries such as acai, gogi, bilberry & blueberry have powerful antioxidants which work wonders for the skin, keeping it youthful & glowing! Neals Yard's new Power Berry Facial Wash is packed full of all this goodness to give a youthful surge to your skin, use morning & night to cleanse & you will find that your skin is instantly firmer & brighter. Also in the range is a moisturiser & face mask. £12.60

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