Thursday, 6 August 2009

Andrew Barton Launches New Hair Appliances

Check out these fab new & affordable hair tools recently launched by Andrew Barton, these are the latest addition to his already hugely successful hair care range. Andrew Barton is one of the UK's best known & top Hair Stylists with an impressive celebrity client list including Robbie Williams, The Olsen Twins, Kylie, Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and Penny Lancaster. Andrew has worked on many Catwalk shows for London Fashion week including Prada and Versace to name but a few. He was recently named best stylist by Tatler Magazine, best hairdresser by Cosmopolitan and British Hair Icon & is the resident hairdresser on the UK’s hit makeover show ‘10 Year’s Younger’.

Think Andrew Barton – think gorgeous, sexy looking hair! He knows the psychological value great looking, shiny happy hair has on a woman’s confidence and how great hair can be life changing, leaving women feeling rejuvenated, sexy and ready to take on the world. Whether he’s working with ultra chic celebs like Kylie or ElleMacpherson or doing a makeover on Channel 4’s award winning 10Years Younger, he believes that great tools are the key to creating any great style. Which is why the man known as the ‘TV’s favourite hairdresser’ has launched his first collection of hair appliances – designed to deliver a salon-styled hair makeover with ease every time.
The collection includes four fabulous no-nonsense tools - a high performance dryer, triple barrel waver, highheat straightener and a big barrelled curling tong designed to create shiny, glamorous, sexy new looks and a salon finish at home. Functional yet fun, the four products; Blown Away, Making Waves, Straight Answer and I Love Curls, are styled in sleek black and neon, ensuring your dressing table is as on trend as your hair.

“From TV makeover to celebrity hair dos, fashion catwalk to glitzy photo shoots, great tools are the secret togorgeous-looking hair! That’s why I’ve created my own professional range for you to achieve that fabulous salon lookeveryday. You’ll love them ! ” Andrew Barton


A fab blow-dry can make a woman’s day, giving her the confidence to hold herhead up high. For hair that looks red carpet-ready every time you style it, thishigh specification 2000W dryer boasts an advanced motor to deliver highpressure air-flow for ultra-fast drying, even on thick hair. Ionic and heatbalancing ceramic technology promise frizz-free condition and shine. It’s light to hold and with its click on natural diffuser its perfect for creating boho curlsand waves!


This fun, easy-to-use triple barrel waver is the perfect tool fortransforming hair into long-lasting slept-in curls, from sexymermaid locks to retro waves. The waver has nano-ceramiccoated barrels for a smooth and glossy finish, a toptemperature of 180ºC for perfect professional performanceand ultra-fast heat up to ensure it is ready to use as soon asyou are. And with ten different temperature settings, thecorrect temperature can be selected for all hair types.


For super straight, salon sleek hair that lasts, this highperformance straightener with advanced nano-ceramic platesfeatures a super-charged Advanced Ceramics TM heater andfor ultra-fast heat up and heat recovery to maintain aconstant high temperature for quick and easy styling. With atop temperature of 230ºC, Straight Answer offers theultimate straightening and smoothing power and has five temperature settings shown on an LCD display sothe heat can be altered for different hair types. Hair will look healthy and shiny, leaving you with theultimate confidence boost.


From beautiful soft tousled curls to glamourous glossyringlets, this high performance curling tong will give hair aHollywood make-over.Featuring a 38mm ceramiccoated barrel for a finish that’s natural and glossy, thewand has a top temperature of 200ºC and ten differenttemperature settings to cater for different hair types.With I Love Curls you can customise your curls whateveryour hair type and create head-turning luscious locks.
Exclusive to Argos

Finally to mark the launch of celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton’s inaugural range of hair appliances, check out these great 'how to' guides to get chic up to the minute hair styling, we've included his full step by step guide as well as two great videos where Andrew shows you how to achieve the looks yourself!

Introducing the New Straight Answer Hair Iron from Andrew Barton
Step One
Spray dry hair with a heat protection spray to lock in moisture (Andrew Barton The Straight Answer Heat Protection Spray £3.89), take random ½ inch thick sections of hair from all over the head and twist into cable effect.
Step Two
Hold tip out of hair out from head and spray another layer of heat protection spray. Starting at the root, clamp the Andrew Barton Straight Answer straightening iron and hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat in sections moving down the hair length.
Step Three
Once all twists are complete, use fingers to unravel the sections and finish with a polishing serum from the middle to the ends of the hair (Andrew Barton Gloss Boss Shine Serum, £4.84)
Customise the look by taking varying sizes of hair sections – smaller sections will create a detailed, more textured effect, while larger sections will leave a less defined natural finish.
Straight Answer (£80) exclusive to Argos
Check Out the 'How To' Video - Bohemian Chic

The new Making Waves triple barrel waver from Andrew Barton
Step One
Apply a frizz control cream to wet hair (Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer Styling Cream £3.89) then blow dry hair smooth using a paddle brush.
Step Two
Separate the hair into two sections – one underneath and one upper section on top of the head. Spray the hair with a heat protection spray (Andrew Barton The Straight Answer Heat Protection Spray £3.89) until evenly coated.
Step Three
Randomly take lengths of hair and hold at the root. Using the Andrew Barton Making Waves triple barrel waver clamp the hair and hold for six seconds. Move down the length of the hair to the ends.
For added volume start clamping from the root or for a more natural rippled effect, clamp from the mid-section down.
Step Four
Gently unravel the waves using the fingers for a Gisele styled bed head finish, brush through the waves for a less structured loose wave or leave ravelled for a smooth defined wave. Finish with a polishing serum (Andrew Barton Gloss Boss Shine Serum, £4.84) on the mid to ends of the hair.
Making Waves (£30) exclusive to Argos
Check Out the 'How To' Video - New Natural

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