Friday, 19 June 2009

They're Just Like Us - Celebs With No Make-Up On!

When was the last time you dared leave the house without so much as a scratch of make-up on & are you one of us many women who fear that leaving the house without any make-up on may cause such a wave of shock & horror, it would send people running away at the mere sight of you!? Well even some of our most favourite celebs have managed to step out bare faced without terrifying any small children or causing gasps of horror from passers by, they just have the paparazzi following them instead, so we can all gaze at how they too look just the same as us (well almost!) on a quick dash for a pint of milk! Here are a few of my favourite 'with & without make-up' shots I found today -

Fearne Cotton - Out of all the celebs I've seen without make-up Fearne definitely has the best transformation with her dark smokey eye looks & sculpted cheek bones.

Keira Knightly - Still looking pretty fresh faced without, although her 'femme fatal' look is certainly helped along with the aid of her make-up artist!

Hilary Duff - Not quite the sun kissed glow on the right as we see on the red carpet!

Courtney Cox - Again the sun kissed glow & healthy complexion is all gone!

Drew Barrymore - A little more 'pasty' than the flawless porcelain look we're used to seeing Drew with!

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