Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Summer Saviour - Korres Anti-Cellulite Gel!

With summer hotting up over the last week we're all bikini-bod obsessed with our summer hols just around the corner! Well here's a quick step to firming up & perfecting those little wobbly bits before you hit the beach! 'Korres Black Tea & Verbena Skin Smoothing Cream-Gel with Caffeine', basically it is an easily absorbed cream/gel that helps reduce the storage of fat. Caffeine is a well known 'lipolytic agent' as it assists in the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells & combining this with Black Tea and Verbena extracts it will reduce the accumulation of fat. Also with the combination of other ingredients such as Ivy, Centella and Ruscus it invigorates microcirculation which significantly reduces any dimple effects on the skin. Use twice a day & clinical trials show it will reduce fat in local areas by up to 1.7 centimetres within two months as well as a smoother less dimpled appearance on the skin. Definitely a celebrity treatment without the price tag, a steal at £27!

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