Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Johnson's New Baby Soft Range

Building on an Icon.... Johnson's have now brought out their new Baby Soft Range which brings you all the benefits of Johnson's Baby Lotion in two new products, so you can choose the perfect one to suit your skincare regime! Baby Lotion now has a large celebrity fan base, being a favourite to the likes of Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston as well as Beyonce to name but a few, and has been a beauty classic since 1943, passed from generation to generation.
Firstly is the new 'Baby Softwash', a shower wash & moisturiser all in one, many shower gels have 'surface active ingredients' that can strip the skin & create dryness after showering, Baby Softwash is mild & gentle, enriched with baby lotion to help replenish moisture whilst showering. During it's trials 95% of woman said they would use it every day & 90% said it left their skin feeling clean & fresh as well as being soft & gentle. I certainly found this to be the case with my skin feeling silky & smooth, plus you have the added bonus of smelling baby fresh, definitely an all in one wash & moisturiser for girls on the go!

Secondly is a new intensive moisturiser 'Baby Soft Cream' which is perfect for tackling those dry areas on hands, knees or elbows & anywhere that needs a bit of extra attention. The cream is easily absorbed, soothes & moisturises instantly, a great instant fix to dry hands & what's more again it leaves you smelling baby fresh!
New Baby Soft Wash £2.99 & Baby Soft Cream £2.29.

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