Friday, 1 May 2009

Hot Topic This Week - The Rise of The 'Pillow Face'!

'The Rise of The Pillow Face' has been a popular talking point this week & I don't think we could find a better term for the new celebrity phenomena that has been sweeping the red carpets of late! Linda Evans snagging the Hells Kitchen trophy this week sparked quite a few remarks on her 'pillow' like cheeks at the 'tender' age of 65, clear give away signs of the new popular non-invasive cosmetic surgery...!!! Increasing numbers of A-listers are requesting the new sought after 'plumped' look, as opposed to the 'wind tunnel' face lift or the 'frozen' & 'shiny' Botox looks that have been all the rage over the last decade.. As we age & our skin looses not only it's elasticity but it's fullness & volume as well, which no amount of botox can bring back & that's where the magic 'Fillers' come in to play, with one simple injection all your youth can come flooding back....or does it!!?? Some may disagree & instead say all we see is unnatural puffed out cheeks & swollen lips!
The most popular fillers are Restylane, Voluma & Radiese & now a new more controversial product called Sculptra which was developed for AIDS patients whose faces would sink around the skill after treatment.
Below are a few other clear candidates for the Pillowface age, some food for thought on how we would like to see ourselves in the next 10 or even 20 years perhaps!!!?? -

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