Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ready for UK Launch - Jergens Naturals

Jergens Bodycare's groundbreaking solutions for firm, smooth, glowing & deeply hydrated skin is now known worldwide as well as being a favourite with the Hollywood elite!! Now available in the UK, America's No1 best selling bodycare range is launched here as Jergens Naturals, this is the first natural moisturising range launched to deliver premium results through natural ingredients, Jergens have developed natural formulations with the finest plant derived ingredients available & as they say 'Our skin is not synthetic so why treat it that way?'
Ruby Hammer, international make-up artist, has been using the products for many years on clients & top celebrities alike & loves the excellent moisturising qualities of the body care range, she says of the new Naturals range 'I now have a clear conscience knowing I am not putting synthetic chemicals onto my clients or my own skin, but still getting the results associated with Jergens'
Over the last week I have been trying out 3 of moisturisers available in the range... Firstly 'Extra Softening', which calms the skin & with rich emollients & vitamin packed moisturisers it softens immediately, it also contains Shea Butter to protect & revitalise the skin, Yogurt to balance the ph levels & Soy Extract which contains Vitamin E for healthy skin. The scent is very subtle & pleasant & it is absorbed quickly into the skin. Straight away after using this my skin felt beautifully soft & smooth! The 'Skin Firming' with Pomegranate visibly moisturises & firms cellulite prone skin in just two uses...! Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which helps to eliminate free radicals, Aloe is also known for it firming properties & White Tea also is rich in anti-oxidants which fight inflammation. There was a noticeable difference with my skin after it's use, particularly on my upper thighs where it feels definitely much smoother & firmer, also the cream smells good enough to eat!!! Definitely a perfect quick fix for your bikini-bod this summer!!
Their 'Age Defying' lotion promotes younger skin in just 2 weeks - not bad at all! The formula awakens mature skin & with a blend of ingredients such as Green Tea which contains antioxidants to combat skin damaging elements, Mint Leaf Extract to protect the skin & Sage to stimulate the blood circulation & help tighten skin.
Over all an excellent range that has fantastic & quick results on the skin, also with the added bonus of being completely natural & environmentally friendly - as they say themselves, 'The Future of Bodycare'!

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