Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pop Ribbon Gloss - A Perfect Little Accessory!

Check out these ingenious little pots from Pop Beauty, 'Ribbon Gloss' as they're called each contain 5 luscious shades of weightless, succulent, de-lux gel gloss to protect your lips with jojoba oil as well as tasting of delicious vanilla!! There are 3 pots to choose from each with the 5 ribbons of colour, first there is 'Naked Ribbons' which is perfect for summer with golden tones to peach & honey. Then 'Pink Ribbons' which has baby pink to bubble gum as well as a deep berry stain and finally 'Red Ribbons' which contains a strawberry shades to bright crimson. Perfect for popping into your handbag for that essential lippy touch up, also a great accessory to any girl's office desk!! £8 each

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