Monday, 9 March 2009

New from Lancome - Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Lancome have just launched their new anti-ageing product 'Genifique - Youth Activating Concentrate', as it implies in the name it works at the origin of your skin's youth, your genes produce specific proteins responsible for the cells structure & these diminsh with age however 'Genifique' kick starts this process & stimulates their activity. It is not about turning back the clocks as such but about encouraging the skin cell renewell as an "activator" & is aimed at women even in their twenties to protect against the signs of ageing as well as women in their fifties & sixties. It is easy to use & is a non sticky formula that glides on to the skin & is absorbed quickly & easily, it is not a moisturiser so apply your normal product on top for best results. All that is needed is 3 small drops of the formula, so a little goes along way, apply to the face in an upward motion with the fingers avoiding the eye area. It gives the skin a soft velvet feel immediately after use & over time restores the texture & over all tone of the skin, Lancome describe it as 'putting a light on under the skin' it puts radiance back giving you a youthful glow to the complexion! After using this over the last few weeks I have to confess it has already starting working it's magic..!! My skin feels softer than it has for a long time & the over all tone is smoother with added radiance, a definite winner!
Available at all Lancome Counters Nationwide.

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