Thursday, 19 March 2009

Brand New - Dove HairMinimising Deodorant

Dove has just launched the first ever hair minimising anti-perspirant deodorant, Dove HairMinimising is a brand new range of antiperspirants that not only cares for delicate underarm skin around the clock, but also helps you have underarms that look and feel hair-free for longer between shaves - what more could a girl ask for in her deodorant!.

Contained in the anti-perspirant is a unique hair minimising formula that contains the brand new Pro-Epil complex, with natural extracts & combined with with Dove ¼ moisturising cream it is gentle on the skin. With everyday use hair will start to seem less noticeable, your underarms will feel and look smoother and hair will feel softer, finer and easier to remove.
Like all Dove products, Dove HairMinimising nourishes and cares for delicate the skin on your underarms as well as providing 24-hour antiperspirant protection.

After using the product for the last week I have been delighted with the results so far & it will be a firm fixture in bathroom cabinet from now on! Firstly the scent is really fresh & subtle which doesn't over power your perfume which is always important, also it doesn't leave a white residue either which is an added bonus, I found that none of my clothes had any deodorant marks on them at all, plus it really does feel very gentle on the skin, no stinging at all once applied. Anyway most importantly does it reduce under arm hair growth?? Well I have definitely noticed a visible improvement with the hair finer & definitely easier to remove, with it growing back a lot slower than before, no prickles the following day!.. As I have dark hair this is a god send & having to shave your underarms each day or every other day can start to really harm the skin there so this genius deodorant will certainly be a saviour in the summer!!!

Available Nationwide from this Month.

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