Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Huge Lips - Skinny Hips!!!!

The latest magic trick to hit the beauty market is this ingenious little gloss & I just love the name - 'Huge Lips - Skinny Hips'! The product basically claims that while it gives you the perfect full glossy pout it also helps to curb your appetite at the same time, too good to be true...well maybe?!
It contains Hoodia Gordonii extract that is derived from a plant found in Namibia, the manufacturers say that it is known for its many appetite suppressing benefits. What they claim is that once the gloss applied, you should run your tongue over the lips whenever you feel hungry, in just a few seconds that feeling of hunger will disappear... I am yet to be totally convinced! Although with Vitamin B3 the gloss stimulates the blood flow to the lips to create fuller pout without the stinging sensation of other products, after regular use they claim that this can also help reduce any fine lines & wrinkles around the mouth area too.
Well over all as I've mentioned I am very dubious about it actually reducing your appetite to aid weight loss, but it certainly will give you beautiful pout & with the name I'm sure it'll be cult product in no time! £18 at Space NK from 01/03

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