Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year from Fatgirlslim!

New Year is here already & 'the bulge' is the first thing on everyone's mind with all the New Years resolutions to get honed, toned & perfect for summer..! Well here's a little cheat to help you along your way, one of the New Year's best sellers 'Bliss Fatgirlslim' - 'A lean, mean circulation stimulating slimming cream with caffeine encapsulated in QuSomes™'!!!! A popular celeb choice as well, Fatslimgirl works on thighs/bums/tums/arms to firm up & create a smoother more toned appearance on the skin, also available is 'Fatgirlsleep' which gets to work while you're fast asleep, plus 'The Love Handler' to focus on those wiggly mid-drift areas left over after the festive season!
Ingrediants -
• QuSomes™ - An enhancer that helps deliver active ingredients into the skin more effectively.
• Caffeine - Energizes the skin, boosting circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Available from £28-£30 at HQhair

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