Friday, 16 January 2009

Fake Your Winter Sun!

Short days, long nights, no sunshine...not good for keeping up the tan & now of course with all the sun bed health scares, sunless tanning from a bottle is the best way to go!
Here's some great DIY products to get that LA celebrity tan without leaving the house!

Fake Bake is one of the best known products & one of their newest lotions 'Gold Self Tanning Lotion' has added extra benefits, it has antioxoidants that protect the skin at the same time as giving you a beautiful golden tan, it's also a bit easier to apply than the original lotion.

St Tropez Bronzing Mist, a great way to get a quick spray tan at home, I don't think the effects are as great as getting a professional once over with a spray tan technician but it's still a great quick fix & less expensive! It drys in 60 seconds which is handy & also lasts really well too so your tan will go that bit further....

Make Believe Tan Extender came up trumps in the How to Look Good Naked polls, winning first place for sef tanning, this product has a hint of self tanning in the lotion as well as various fruit extracts, oils that have also proven to smooth your skin tone, have anti ageing benefits as well as help melanin production, so an a good all rounder! Use every day to keep up a natural glowing tan.

My own personal favourite is Olay Everyday Sunshine, it gives a great finish & is a fraction of the price of most other products, £5.99!

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