Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Brand New Neutrogena Wave - Review

Over the last 2 weeks I have been putting the new Neutrogena Wave to the test, a new innovative & revolutionary way to cleanse the skin! It is a small compact device with a vibrating motion which releases a 'tingly' foam to penetrate deep into the pores, the gentle vibrations then massage the face to give you softer skin just after one use! This means that it can cleanse 10 times deeper removing dirt, oil & make-up, pretty impressive! You simply add the small softly textured pads & with warm water apply the the device across the face, quick & easy whilst you get a salon standard cleanse at home!
Having a naturally oily skin I have found that it can reduce excess oil build up as well, the sensation on the skin is fantastic, leaving my skin feeling very soft as well as banishing any blemishes!! It is very easy to use too which is important & makes cleansing a little more enjoyable each night, no more wiping cleanser away with cotton wool, just a quick fun cleanse & I'm done!
Neutrogena Wave is released in the UK on Monday (24/11) & you can find them in all major Boots stores nationwide, the starter pack is just £12.99 & includes 14 pads (you throw away each one after use), you can buy a refill pack for 4.99 which includes 30 pads, excellent value when you consider the cost of a facial!

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