Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Victoria Beckham's New Bird Poo Facial

Just as you thought celebrity beauty regimes couldn't get any wackier Victoria Beckham's new facial hits the headlines & yes it really does consist of bird droppings, well nightingale droppings (that makes it a bit better doesn't it..!?)
Of course it undergoes a fair amount of treatment before it gets anywhere near your face, it's the enzymes contained within the poo that provides all it's miracle working properties! 'Guanine' is an illuminating amino acid & has apparently been used by the Japanese for centuries to keep the skin youthful in appearance. This is extracted from the lovely bird droppings then dried out & mixed up with other ingredients such as green tea, gold leaf & shea butter, then treated with UV light in order to create a potion the likes of Victoria Beckham would allow on her face! It is said to leave your skin glowing & instantly refreshed, it comes at a price though, £135 for a 90Min Session!

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