Wednesday, 20 August 2008

'Tangle-Tweeze' Proves the Dragons Wrong!

Keep an eye out for this product to hit the shelves in September, hairdresser Shaun Pulfrey had is idea for a hair de-tangler rejected from BBC's Dragon's Den only to sign a lucrative deal with Boots that is sure to make him a healthy sum!
His 'Tangle Tweezers' are said to work wonders on hair & will effortlessly smooth out tangles from your hair without any pain. The teeth are designed to flex & glide through the hair instantly eliminating tangles and knots, they also minimise breakage & damage to the hair. Great for all hair types, but recommended for fragile or colour-treated hair, hair extensions & fine tangle-prone hair. Available at Boots at £9.99 from Sept.

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