Thursday 20 March 2008

Spring Has Sprung - Fresh Cheeks With Mac!

Great for spring flushed cheeks, Mac's new Limited Edition 'Beauty Powder Blush' (£14), it has a very light shimmering effect on the skin with soft colour & a glowing sheen!
Also to add to this look, use their 'Strobe Cream' (£19.50), it looks amazing under your make-up giving an iridescent finish, it livens up your complexion & has a powerful blend of vitamins & green tea. I use this with clients all the time & it works wonders on all skin types giving a fantastic base for foundation & cheek colours.
A new addition to this range is the 'Strobe Liquid', which is their lighter weight version of the cream, again it helps to promote that radiant glow!

Finally another addition that is impossible to resist is the new Strobe Lip Conditioners (£10.50), they have the pearl finish qualities of the cream but with a flash of colour for the lips, great for moisture & also has SPF.

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